Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvent how LED lighting systems are utilized, designed and installed in today’s buildings providing increased value to facilities and building owners. Our intelligent networked IoT DC powered lighting system will bring about that change. Using a DC low-voltage power distribution system combined with non-proprietary open standard network protocols will allow for flexibility in design, installation and data analytics.    

Company Profile

BlueOcean IoT LLC was conceived out of the need to invent a new way to control and power LED fixtures. It was obvious to our Principle founders that the lighting industry was lacking truly open standard BAS protocols that allow leveraging existing BAS infrastructures and be supported by the BAS Integrators. Our Principle founders also understood that DC power systems would be more efficient and would allow for better use of onsite renewables such as PV and Wind by creating DC Nano Grids to power as much as the LED lighting system as possible without the conversion of DC to AC and back to DC power.  



XLV3 LED Lighting Platform

The XLV3 LED controller is an intelligent networked lighting platform. The XLV3 platform is capable of being utilized as a complete standalone lighting automation system with graphical visualization for central automation tasks like schedules, alarms and trends. The XLV3 platform is also capable of being fully inte­grated in to an existing facility building automation system (BAS) with common BAS communication protocols like BACnet IP or LonWorks IP. The XLV3 platform can also send IoT data for cloud applications performing data analytics.

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BlueOcean IoT wants to partner with LED lighting manufactures to OEM the XLV3 platform. This will allow lighting manufactures to provide a full line of lighting controls to their product line compressing the time-to-market without having the costly development and implementation expenditures. The XLV3 platform also allows for branding opportunities under manufactures own label and customization of their lighting control’s solutions. BlueOcean IoT also can support lighting manufactures with the installation, start-up and commissioning of their lighting installation opportunities by introducing them to our qualified systems integrators who can support this effort. This will allow for the manufacture to develop a direct relationship with the systems integrators and provide cross selling opportunities for both entities. 

System Integrators

BlueOcean IoT wants to partner with systems integrators to provide the XLV3 platform and LED lighting solutions to their customers. Additionally, we can bring our OEM partners expertise and their LED products to support the systems integrators in providing the best LED solution for the systems integrators lighting projects. Our platform is easy-to-deploy and allows the system integrators to leverage their existing product lines, programming tools for their existing and new installations to efficiently install the XLV3 platform in their customers facilities. BlueOcean IoT OEM’s partners are also looking for systems integrators to support their project opportunities for the installation, start-up and commissioning. This will allow for systems integrators develop a direct relationship with the our OEM manufactures to provide cross selling opportunities for both entities. 

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